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Shipping Equipment

49 Trucks & 73 Trailers

Heartland Transport Ltd. provides a wide range of land transportation services all across North America. With a fleet of over 60+ trucks and 80+ trailers we offer a wide range of specialized equipment including but not limited to.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed Trucks

Our flatbed trucks are transporting Oil-field and building material all across North America

V Trains

At Heartland Transport Ltd. we offer V Trains transportation.

Double Drop Trailers

Our double-drop trailers can transport your taller equipment and goods without the need of special permits.

Step-deck truck

Step Deck Trucks

Have heavy goods for transportation, dont worry, our step-deck trucks can help transport your goods with ease.

Super-B Trains

Heartland Transport Ltd. also have Super-B Trains for your special requirements.

Curtain Side Trailers

Our curtain side trailers can help transport your good that need special protection from weather.